Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kate Spade Knock Off Salt & Pepper Shakers

You may have seen my Kate Spade Salt & Pepper Shakers I keep on the tray in my
 kitchen ~ the fun black, white and gold set. I always get asked where they're from, 
 they were a gift from a friend and I love them! (Btw, I shared her fabulous home here)
You can find them at Kate Spade here.
Fairmount Park Dot/Stripe Salt & Pepper Set

~ OR ~

you could DIY yourself a set using paint and white shakers from Target! 

Original Kate Spade Fairmount Salt & Pepper Shakers 


Rubbing Alcohol
Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding - Gold
Martha Stewart Multi Surface Craft Paint - Beetle Black High Gloss 
Small Brush, Round Foam Pouncer 

STEP 1: 
Tape off your stripes.
I cut my tape at 3/4" width using the edge of a cutting mat as a guide and ran my xacto
 knife along the edge for a clean line.

This shaker tapers at the top, so you'll have to work with the tape a bit where there is a
 slight gap - I just used my nail to firmly press the tape against the glass to secure well. 

Paint the stripes.
I took the plug out of the bottom and put my finger in there to hold the shaker
while painting stripes.
Using a small brush (about 1/2" - 3/4" wide bristles) apply the Liquid Gilding on the glass,
 after dipping your brush in the gilding wipe the excess on the edge of the jar.
 Do your best to apply one coat and don't go over what you've already painted.  
If I were a good blogger I'd have a picture of this for you!
 Sorry, it went so quickly I completely spaced the photo! 

Paint the dots.
Wipe the shaker with rubbing alcohol per instructions on Multi Surface Paint. 
Put a small amount of paint in a container to dip your pouncer into, remove any
excess paint on a paper towel, press the foam pouncer completely against the glass to
deposit the paint. 

A couple things:
The Multi Surface Paint is dishwasher safe after curing for 21 days.
You could use gold spray paint, I chose liquid gilding because I like the sheen,
and already had it. A little goes a long way and I've used it for a ton of projects. 

You can't beat the originals,
 but if you're looking for a budget friendly version this is a simple alternative
to get the look! 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

another craigslist bamboo table

I was beginning to wonder what was going on with our awesome Craigslist,
a slew of big armwahs (aka armoires) and over sized reclining sectionals popped
 up every time I checked in. 
Persistence finally paid off last week when I scored another table with a bamboo base!
 And, if that wasn't enough to make up for the lull, the sweet seller threw in another
 fabulous table because she was moving and wanted it gone!

Yes, I snagged a table with a similar style a few months ago and didn't need this at all,
what can I say, it was a steal at $50 and I caved! 
I love the collected look of a traditional piece paired with my more modern sofa, and the
 curved top against the straight lines. It's a large side table size (30" diameter) vs a lower
 coffee table, but I'm all over it unexpectedly pulled up to the front of the sofa. 

This solid wood Thomasville table is in great condition, except for few scratches you
can see on the base that will be an easy fix. Big and functional with a shelf inside,
 and that burl like finish...love! I think I've even got a spot for it. 
And, free :)

Have you scored anything you couldn't pass up lately? :)


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ikea strandmon chair

With all the hoopla in December I accidentally skipped my Ikea favorite for the month.
I'm catching up with The Strandmon Wing, one of my favorite chairs!
Not too soft, not too firm - just comfy.
Not too formal, not too modern - just stylish. 
Not too pricey, not too cheap - just reasonable.

Svanby Gray 
Also available in Orange and Dark Blue
Of course, I love the versatility, it goes from nursery to playroom to living room.


I love this clever DIY, the chair was converted to a rocker for a nursery.


 If you're an Ikea fan you can find more of my favorites here,
and if not, you might become one when you see these awesome items:

Brimnes Bed
Black & White Eivor Throw
Henriksdal Chair
Salong White Vase

Monday, January 19, 2015

Refresh magazine shoot details

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! 
I intended to share some of the details of our dream come true
BH & G Refresh magazine photo shoot
with you last week, and every time I sat down to write the words just wouldn't flow,
storytelling and writing aren't my forte. I like short and sweet - a year in the making,
and three jam packed days with a magazine crew at our home is tough to condense, and
 after using the word 'exciting' repeatedly it kind of loses it effect!
Here's the scoop... 

November 2013 - I received an email from BH & G Field Editor, Bonnie Broten,
saying, 'I've been stalking your blog and think your home should be in a magazine.' 
Of course, I immediately thought it was a joke from a friend or teenager! 
After Googling her, and realizing she was for real, I was beside myself and then panic
 set in as I began focusing all that was unfinished in our home.      

Our dream team...Bonnie Broten - BH & G Field Editor & Stylist, Kim'Berly' Gavin - Photographer

I worked with Bonnie over the next several months sending photos of our home and
tweaking them for her to present. I tried way TOO hard to redecorate as much as I could,
so it would be magazine worthy - only to end up hating the photos I sent. That gallery wall
below is so not me, (not to mention the empty frames, like I thought they wouldn't notice??)
 What was I thinking with those taxidermy twins?
 They wanted an article on 'How NOT to decorate with a trend' - I nailed it with the framed
 taxidermy on two walls - oh my!
Lesson learned: If a magazine contacts you they like your house as it is!

June 2014 - After a LOT of hard work on Bonnie's end, putting together a presentation
for submission to the editors and waiting for the process to unfold, she lets me know they've
 chosen our home. EEEEK!! They'll be scheduling a photo shoot in September and it will
include our exterior and yard, as well. Yikes! Guess we'll be spending some weekends
in the yard! Lots of back and forth and photo shoot dates changing, now scheduled for
 August - at one point they called on a Thursday evening and asked if they could come on
Monday. I said, 'Yes!' Thank goodness it didn't end up working out on their end.  

August 27th - SO excited and nervous! I pick Bonnie up at the airport, she's tall, a classic
 beauty with that effortless style, her blond hair pulled back, red lipstick, truly beautiful
 and she immediately puts me at ease. We head to the wholesale florist, sit in the car and chat
 for at least an hour before heading inside to choose flowers for all the rooms and shots.
  It's late afternoon and we drive through Wendy's on our way to my house, where we arrange
all the flowers and she styles every shot, her talent and energy are impressive and endless!
Whew, long day and I take her to her hotel.

August 28th - It's going to be a challenging couple of days we have intermittent rain
and clouds, except when we have blinding sun. None of which seemed to bother our
incredibly talented (and buff) photographer, Berly, a dog lover, who made fast
 friends with our girl Rio and is responsible for her magazine debut! :)
 I'm sure my sweet friend, who came to help each day, never imagined she'd be
 spending her morning blow drying our flagstone patio to remove the water!

August 29th - Another full day - we covered, uncovered, and re-covered furniture,
swept water off the deck several times, and  hauled flowers to the garage and back
out again, over and over to keep everything from getting soggy. While waiting for
the weather to cooperate Berly would set up inside shots.

 The article in the Spring edition of  BH & G Refresh, 'Evolution of a Landscape'
 is eight pages (so exciting) of the exterior of our home, yard and deck. I took this
 photo after they had it styled and ready to go.

Part Two of the dream come true and secret I've been keeping...
our interior will be featured in the Summer edition of Refresh!  
Crazy and still unbelievable!

I can't thank Bonnie and Berly enough for all of their hard work, they were a joy to
have at our home and we feel so fortunate they were the ones we got to share this
 once in a lifetime experience with! 
  Also, thank you Mr. Simple for all of your efforts getting everything in shape
 and putting up with me! :)  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

diy lined envelopes

Oh my gosh, you guys, thank you a million times for all the kind 
words here and on Instagram on our BH & G Refresh magazine feature!
Your heartfelt excitement for us is so amazing, thank you!!       

This is one of those super easy - super quick - super inexpensive diys I love!
I've had this on my list for awhile, and thought to do it when I was sending out 
thank you notes recently.    
Pretty lined envelopes add that extra bit of flair to ordinary stationery and it gives
them some extra weight for a higher end feel, too. 

I found the pink and orange note cards at Homegoods and used coordinating gold and
 white wrapping paper for the liners, and scrapbook paper with these more masculine cards
 I found at Target for Detail Boy.
 Yep, I'm that mom that insists on sending a formal thank you note. 

The super easy instructions: 

1) Align the envelope on your paper and trace around the outside. 

2) Cut out the liner template, trimming just inside the edges on the side,
and trimming 1/2" off the bottom, this allows the liner to fit just below the
glue on the envelope.

3) Slide the liner into the envelope 

4) Fold the liner down, creasing and glue the backside to the envelope.

It took me longer to write these instructions than do an envelope! 

Of course, the fun part is checking your wrapping paper and scrapbook stash
and coming up with cute combinations. 

I almost forgot, when I mentioned to my friend I was making these she said her
goal was to take a few hours to purchase/organize birthday cards for the entire year.
 She puts a sticky note on it with the greeting she'll be writing, it's her way of
 making it easy to send them out. Wow, to be that organized!!  

Do you have any awesome system to share? 

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