Thursday, April 16, 2015

ikea hemnes cabinet

Happy Friday, friends!!
Ok, so I didn't think you all would read this if I titled it
IKEA Hemnes Shoe Cabinet, 
BUT every time I'm in the store I stop by and check them out because they're the
 ultimate in streamlined storage that doesn't look like storage.
 The minimal 8.5" - 11.75" depth is ideal for a small entry, hallway, back entrance,
staircase landing, mudroom or office.  
The units only have front legs to allow for the closest fit to the wall.    
Available in two sizes. 

Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Black or White 
40" H x 42"W x 8.5" D  - HERE

Black or White
50" H x 35"W x 11.75" D - HERE

Check out these with great custom looks by easily changing out the hardware...

Are you following along with the One Room Challenge you may have seen
Jen's @ I Heart Organizing - she just painted it and added pretty hardware.

If you're an Ikea fan you can find more of my favorites here,
and if not, you might become one when you see these awesome items:

Vittsjo Shelving Unit
Strandmon Chair
Brimnes Bed
Black & White Eivor Throw
Henriksdal Chair
Salong White Vase

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

one room challenge - week 3

Hey friends, thank you so much for stopping by to check in on Week 3 of the 
One Room Challenge. Things are coming together and it's getting exciting, but we
still have a few big DIYs on the list and I'm famous for under estimating how long
 they'll take to complete. That being said, we have a ways to go. You can catch up with
 previous weeks here: 

We had fun deliveries this week -  FABRIC!   
I chose this mix of patterns and burst of color to incorporate my client's request for
 'pops of color with a neutral background and furnishings.'  

Remember our inspiration chairs? I found some!
World Market came through for us, unfortunately the ivory linen we wanted had been
 discontinued. Without the help of two outstanding employees, who jumped through hoops,
 they'd still be in some backroom in CA. World Market doesn't ship between stores, but the
 Denver manager and CA manager scoured the country for two chairs, packed them up,
 arranged for a Fed Ex pickup, and sent them our way.
Since they'd been discontinued the price was a steal, less than $200 each including shipping!

We were planning to keep their dresser, I knew the warm wood would look great against
our crisp white walls, BUT this thing was a beast, at 40" H x 65" W x 25" D it 
 completely overpowered that side of the room and the style wasn't working for us. 

** Do you see the little black spot underneath the right side of the dresser?**
It's their sweet pup Zoey's favorite spot.  

My goal was to find something on Craigslist that was reasonable, stylish and didn't
sacrifice storage. They could then sell theirs for a similar price and it would be a wash. 
My Craigslist find for the week! :)
 $300 for the vintage dresser and nightstand (which we plan to paint and use in their basement).
The length is the same, but the lower height and narrower depth are a much better scale and
we love the brass hardware.   

And storage galore. I feel SO bad for Zoey though! 
For those of you who asked about my Craigslist tips last week, I've shared a few of them 
 here and here.   

A happy delivery from our awesome sponsor Minted! Their selection of artwork is fabulous
 and I can't wait to share the statement pieces we've chosen. Here's a sneak peek at a small
portion of our art I worked on framing.   

This week we have DIYs and window treatments on our to-do list. 

I'm off to see what these fabulous friends have been up to: 

                                  Coco + Kelley                                   
Vanessa Francis      
Greige Design         
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Stephanie Kraus     
         Savvy Home            
                               Swoon Worthy                                

  Don't forget the One Room Challenge Linking Participants share
their progress tomorrow over at Linda's @ Calling It Home.
 If you haven't checked them out you are in for a huge treat - serious talent!  

Sunday, April 12, 2015

spring mantle in bloom

Happy Monday, friends!
It was a gorgeous spring weekend, one of my favorite spring sights are the profusion
of beautiful crabapple trees blooming throughout our city. We're fortunate enough to have a
 huge tree in our backyard, I love bringing the branches inside and was inspired to create a
spring arrangement for our mantle.

 My abstract from Kerry Steele Art easily moves from room to room and is always a
 favorite to bring out for spring and summer. The intricate black scribble is by me,
detailed tutorial to come, haha! :)

Layering the sunburst mirror and artwork in front of a larger mirror adds dimension
 and interest. Off topic, but I don't think I've ever mentioned how much I dislike the
 color of our mortar - ugh! It has this peachy hue to it. (Except in a couple of these pics
it looks like a totally weird yellow!)
 One of these it's going to make it to the top of the to-do list!

Grab your pruners and go cut yourself a huge vase of anything fresh and green from
 your yard, and have a wonderful week!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One Room Challenge - Week 2 - Paint and Craigslist

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments last week, and
 stopping by to check in on our progress for Week 2 of the One Room Challenge!
You can catch up with Week 1 - The Plan here.

It was a good week friends, Craigslist came through for us. :) 
If you remember my client's inspiration photos included a zebra hide, I've never
 seen one on our Craigslist before, but we scored! Crazy, I know, the seller had owned it for
 25 years and was ready to sell at $350!  

Another of her inspiration pics included a bamboo mirror, BAM this gem shows up for
 $50!  When we give it a gold paint makeover it will look exactly like her inspiration.   

I popped into one of my favorite retro consignment stores, Mod Mood, to scour 
around and see if they had anything to add to the mix for our collected style.    

Lovely Florentine Nesting Tables hidden in that jungle of treasures,
 I can just imagine them in a pretty setting!  

They made the cut, and we brought them home! 

The brown four poster bed got a fresh update of Rustoleum Gloss Protective Enamel
and we chose Benjamin Moore Simply White on the walls and ceiling for a neutral
 backdrop that will let our artwork take center stage.

Before the fresh coat of paint it was the perfect opportunity to lower the tv
 and feed the cords down through the wall never to be seen again! 
It might not look like a big deal, but it's so much better!  

That's our progress for the week friends!
We've got some special deliveries happening this week, I'll be sharing on Instagram
if you'd like to follow along.   

Let's go check in on all my talented friends: 

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Stephanie Kraus     
         Savvy Home            
                               Swoon Worthy                                

  Don't forget the One Room Challenge Linking Participants will share
their progress tomorrow over at Linda's @ Calling It Home,
 it's a MUST see!  

Monday, April 6, 2015

diy stenciled rug

Do any of you remember about two and a half years ago when Linda @ Calling it Home
 invited any bloggers that wanted to participate to paint a rug. It ended up there were
twelve of us that took her up on it. As much as we've enjoyed the rug that I painted for
 our front entry, I've decided it's time to paint a new one. I actually love how the paint has
  worn and faded. In fact, at the end of my original reveal post I noted, "I considered sanding
 it to give it a worn look but I chickened out and decided to let it wear naturally."
Well, it's worn!   

After two and a half years of wear. 


Oh wow, this is grungier than I thought! I've never washed it only vacuumed. 
I was pretty impressed with how the Ikea rug has worn and how the paint held up.

We are a messy family with a cat and golden retriever and we come and go through
 the front door almost exclusively and are always tracking in debris. The edges are
beginning to look too faded and the corners are showing wear. 

The bad news is Ikea no longer sells the Hessum rug I loved, so I picked up the Osted
not realizing it wasn't the same size until I opened it today. It's not available in the size
I like. Ugh...Ikea, you're messing with me! I think I've figured out a way to buy a longer
size and shorten it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to start on it today,
which leaves more time for me to waffle over my choices....

This big bold pattern with minimal math and brain damage looks easy appealing! :)

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