Wednesday, April 23, 2014

one room challenge...week 4

Thanks for checking in on the One Room Challenge of my kitchen makeover!
This week challenged my patience a tad. :)
If you want to catch up on the past weeks' progress... 
Week 1 here - The Plan
Week 2 here - Painting the Cabinets
Week 3 here - Is it Marble?

 Let's start with the pretty stuff, because it makes me happier than 
installing hardware and cabinets.  
Here's a peek at the fabrics I'll be using on our bar stools and simple box cornice
 board, a traditional floral print paired with a modern geometric.

I spent the entire week getting the hardware on the drawers and doors and getting
 them back up (and they're still not finished).  
I've loved this style forever, it's exactly what I was going for, however I had major
issues with these gems! Our cabinet doors and drawers are much thicker than Ikea's which
means we need longer screws - easy enough. Except IKEA's are metric and the hardware
stores and IKEA only carry certain lengths in metric, long story short I found some screws
 that could work, but they had to to hand cut to the right size and it was $40 for 48 screws.
(Btw, Mr. Simple - the IKEA hardware is such a deal we still come out ahead, just thought I'd throw that in.) 
I won't bore you with all the other issues, but it meant a couple wasted days!
(Detail Boy helped put the doors back on, it looks like he needs to tweak the adjustment a bit,
 but he did an awesome job.)


I'm so happy with the painted tile, and how the bevel is accentuated.
I'll post A DIY How-To tomorrow.

Did you notice my hood mock up?
 Keep your fingers crossed for me, I'm totally going out on a limb with my DIY idea, and
it could be a flop challenge. :)  The plan is to to reface my hood with metal to give it a new
vibe similar to these. I think it will work, but what's in my head doesn't always equate...
I'll keep you posted.

Nam Dang Mitchell

I can't wait to see what my talented ORC friends have for us this week,
go check them out!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

one fabulous dining room...

Since I'm buried in my One Room Challenge kitchen makeover
I'm sharing a fabulous dining room reveal from my friend - she is killing it!!
I really do love my dining room, but this makes me want to ditch everything
I have and start over. Here's a little sneak peek... 

You have to see the BEFORE - oh my!
The abstract is a DIY, I'm obsessed with the deep rich wall color, the chandelier
 she almost sold on Craigslist, but realized she had something upon being inundated
 with calls - the rest is a MUST SEE! 

Dining Room Reveal here

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and 
Happy Easter with your families!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

one room challenge...week 3

Are you guys good at estimating how long a diy project will take?
Hands down, I'm the all-time worst! I think I've mentioned this every time I've done 
a One Room Challenge.    
I do have one item I can cross off the list, the new counter top on our island. 
I've been dying to tell you about it, I first found out about it after reading
You guys know I'm all about getting a high end look for less, 
and I'd never steer you wrong, right?
It's Formica...and I LOVE it!

It deserves a post all its own with pretty pictures, so I'm holding off on
giving you all the details until the end of the challenge when I can show it off
with doors on the cabinets and such. Ok, I'll spill a couple of my favorite features,
no seams in my huge island, and did you notice the bullnose edge...LOVE!  
Formica has come a long way and I can't wait to fill you in, it's the look of
 marble without the expense, or worry of maintenance.

Update on some of the unfinished items...
the cabinet doors are painted, they still need hardware
 and to be put back on the hinges. Tutorial to come, I'd still be painting if it
weren't for the HomeRight paint sprayer!  

We have hardware!! Thanks so much for weighing in on the color!
I made a trip to Ikea and picked up some different styles and sizes.
GOLD it is, add another paint project to the list.

I also started painting my tile, it's porous and is soaking it up.
 This photo shows one coat of primer. For my test I used two
coats of primer and two coats of paint.   
And then there's the chandeliers and the hood...I'm making myself finish
these before I can go on to the pretty fabrics. :)

There you have it friends, thanks so much for following along and all of your
encouragement on Instagram - you're the BEST! 

Let's go see what these ladies have been up to this week...


Monday, April 14, 2014

hardware...hard choice

What would you do?
You know I'm updating my kitchen for the One Room Challenge, well I've been
 mulling over the hardware choices waaaay too long, and the time has come to make
 a decision. Just when I think I've decided I start vacillating again.  
Here's my dilemma...

White cabinets - DONE

Hardware - ??? Brass/Gold or Nickle/Silver ???

Is Gold too trendy, or back to stay?
Is Silver over with, or a classic? 


Stop by tomorrow for One Room Challenge - Week 3
I have progress and if you follow me on Instagram I'll be giving a
 sneak peek today! :)
         Tomorrow is my self imposed deadline for the hardware decision,
so let me know what you think! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

awesome blossom...

Hey everyone, hope you had a wonderful weekend, we're blanketed in 
snow again. I'm patiently waiting for our trees to blossom, one of my favorite things
 about spring is the view from my kitchen window when they're bursting with blooms. 
I love bringing in a huge bucket of blooming branches, but these will have to do 
for another week or so...

Our friend Rene's entry @ Cottage and Vine  
Carolyn Roehm 

I'm absolutely using this one as inspiration for my spring mantel refresh!

  Benjamin Dhong Interior Deesign

Do you have trees in bloom? I know if I didn't I'd be at a neighbor's door
with a plate of cookies in one hand and my pruners in the other! :)

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